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We are glad you have come to visit us on the web!  We believe that it is not an accident or coincidence that you have visited us here! Above all else, we want to express Christ's love to you with genuine, heartfelt warmth. We are eager to get to know you and we're excited to share with you the marvelous ways God is working.   Our services are informal and spontaneous, based on the pattern in the Word of God. We believe that people are the church and the  building is where the church meets.

As pastors of Faith Freedom Fellowship since 1995, we are excited about the great and wonderful things that God is doing for His people - bringing them into a close personal relationship with Him, answering prayers, bringing healing and transforming lives. We are expecting God, in His awesome might and power, to change Northeast Ohio for His honor and glory.

It won't take you long to discover that we are truly a family, rich in the relationships that matter most.  Growing together, we worship, we serve, we laugh, we cry, we learn, and we  reach out to our world  with the "life-changing" truth of God's Word.

If you have been thinking about, praying, searching, and hoping for a place to belong - a place  to be trained to fulfill the call of God on your life,  then we say...  "Welcome Home."

This website will give you some information about our church fellowship and explain  "Who we are and What we believe!"

Pastors Ray and Edith Baker

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